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Expert General Medicine Services for Your Health and Wellness

General Medicine Department is dedicated to providing expert care for patients across a wide spectrum of medical conditions. Our team of experienced general practitioners and internists is committed to delivering comprehensive and personalized healthcare services to promote your overall well-being. General medicine is the foundation of primary healthcare, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common illnesses and chronic conditions. Our physicians are skilled in managing a broad range of medical concerns, including respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and much more.

Collaboration is key in our General Medicine Department. Our physicians work closely with specialists in various fields to ensure seamless coordination of care for patients requiring specialized interventions. With access to advanced medical technologies and a network of trusted consultants, we are able to provide comprehensive and integrated healthcare services.

Facilities & Services:

Our Specialist

Joseph Easow C

General Practitioner

Dr. Syed Hafeezuddin

General Practitioner

Dr. Samaa Salim Abdulrahman

General Practitioner



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