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Family Medical Center is overseen by a team of highly experienced healthcare experts from the Amina Healthcare Group. These professionals have meticulously selected each hospital and clinic in their portfolio based on rigorous quality benchmarks. Our commitment to clinical excellence and the delivery of ethical, high-quality healthcare is underscored by our adherence to stringent quality assurance standards. Regardless of whether you’re an outpatient or a day case patient, you can have complete confidence in the care provided by our skilled clinical team. They are devoted to ensuring that you receive optimal treatment and achieve a swift recovery.

Our doctors

Joseph Easow C

GP Paediatrician

Dr. Syed Hafeezuddin

General practitioner

Dr. Mohammed Adel Taslimi

GP Dentist

Dr. Samaa Salim Abdulrahman

General practitioner

Dr. Samer Alabdullah

GP Dentist

Speciality Doctors

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